Depending on the cause of your customer's auto A/C system failure, you may need to purchase wholesale auto A/C kits to repair the problem. For example, if black residue from the condenser ultimately clogs the orifice tube, you may need to replace multiple components. If you think that you'll need to purchase wholesale auto A/C kits to work on your customer's vehicle, you can find what you need at

To keep your costs low, we offer a large selection of wholesale auto A/C compressors. You won't even need to know which A/C compressor will fit the vehicle on which you are working. As long as you know the make, model, year, and engine in the car or truck, we can display all the wholesale auto A/C parts that we have available and point you to the correct one.

Save Money with Wholesale Auto A/C Kits

The parts that you will need to service the auto A/C system will depend on the vehicle. While some vehicles will use a drier receiver, others use an accumulator. With our selection of parts available for each model, you can create whole auto A/C kits at a fraction of the price that other distributors will charge.

In addition to our wholesale auto A/C kits, you'll find a considerable amount of information on our website. Among the topics that we address are common causes of problems with the clutch and compressor. If there are any questions to which you do not find the answers online, please contact us.

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