Volkswagen models can provide drivers with years of reliable and comfortable transportation, but the A/C compressors may eventually require maintenance. Without a functioning A/C compressor, the driver will be unable to cool the Volkswagen vehicle. While this may not be a problem for a portion of the year, customers may need the air conditioning systems repaired in their Volkswagens as soon as possible during the warmer months of the year.

At, we carry A/C compressors for a range of Volkswagen vehicles. For models from the popular Volkswagen Beetle and Passat to the older Cabriolet and Fox, you'll find the A/C compressors you need in our inventory. In most relevant cases, we carry compressors for the different years over which the vehicle was manufactured.

Find A/C Compressor Units for Specific Volkswagen Models

Many Volkswagen models are available with different engines, which may affect which A/C compressor will fit. If you order the wrong compressor, you may have to order another part, which means your customer will have to wait. At, you can indicate which engine is in your customer's Volkswagen and order an A/C compressor that is sure to fit.

All of our remanufactured A/C compressors provide you with a bargain when compared to the prices from other distributors, and they certainly cost less than new compressors. Other distributors often rely on us to supply them with remanufactured compressors, which they then mark up before selling. With our low prices and fast shipping, you can exceed your customers' expectations for service and build their loyalty.

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