Replacing the air conditioning compressor in your customer's Volkswagen VW automobile can contribute to the longevity of the car. In addition, your customer will often be better off replacing the air conditioning compressor prior to selling his used VW rather than selling the automobile with a faulty air conditioning system. Whatever your customer's motivation for repairing the A/C system in his Volkswagen VW, you'll find what you need at

We bring more than 30 years of experience in the automotive air conditioning industry to the table. Applying this knowledge, we're able to remanufacture air conditioning compressors for VW automobiles and those from other manufacturers, both foreign and domestic. As we are the only remanufacturer in the country that operates a retail outlet, you'll be able to find the lowest prices through our store.

VW Air Conditioning Compressor Units for Many Models

You can find air conditioning compressor units for most of the VW models you are likely to see. For instance, we have compressors available for Volkswagen VW GTIs that were manufactured as early as 1999. You'll also find compressors for older models, such as the Volkswagen VW Corrado.

When the same VW model is available with multiple engine types, not all air conditioning compressors will fit the vehicle. At, we can show you which compressor is appropriate based on the engine type, and we can also let you know the other A/C parts that we carry for that exact vehicle and engine model. Contact Us today if you have any questions about our air conditioning compressors that are not addressed in our FAQ.

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