If your service center offers automotive air conditioning repair services and you are trying to maintain low prices, you can choose to lower the rate that you charge for labor or try to find lower prices on equipment, including remanufactured compressors. If you are looking for better prices on remanufactured compressors, consider purchasing them from us at DiscountAutoAC-CompressorParts.com. We remanufacture the compressors that we sell through our retail store, so you don't have to pay the higher prices charged by distributors--many of whom also buy our remanufactured compressors!

When you purchase our remanufactured units, you won't have to worry about the quality of the product. We wash the exterior of the compressors and then clean off rust and debris with a high-speed steel shot blaster. Internal components are meticulously examined and repaired or replaced if they fail to meet our quality standards.

Find the Right Remanufactured Auto Compressors Easily and Quickly

Another advantage of ordering remanufactured auto compressors and A/C parts from us is our organized database. You can search by the vehicle which you are servicing. Based on the make, year, and engine, we'll show you which remanufactured compressor will fit and tell you the other parts that we carry for that vehicle.

Even though all of our remanufactured compressors are tested extensively prior to shipping, we provide you and your customers with a warranty on our products. If your customers will be using their vehicles for non-commercial purposes, we warranty our remanufactured autocompressors for three months. For commercial vehicles, our warranty on remanufactured compressors is one month.

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