If a client brings a Mitsubishi in for service and the A/C system is not working properly, you may need to order various A/C parts to repair it. One of the reasons the A/C system in a Mitsubishi may fail is called, rather dramatically, Black Death. Solder flux and aluminum shavings can harden within the compressor, but may liquefy during use and move into the orifice tube.

Because the compressor cannot receive enough lubricant in such a situation, it will not function properly. Depending on when the problem is identified, you may need to replace multiple A/C parts. You will be able to find many of the Mitsubishi A/C parts that you need in our online catalog at DiscountAutoAC-CompressorParts.com.

Mitsubishi A/C Parts for Sale

Depending on the Mitsubishi model that you are servicing, you'll find different A/C parts available in our store. If you are working on a 2002 Mitsubishi Mirage, you're likely to find an evaporator, drier, and compressor. For a 2005 Eclipse, you'll usually find a block valve, condenser, and compressor for sale.

Orders that are placed before 2:00 PM ET can be shipped out the same day. We offer a number of shipping options so that you can coordinate your schedule with the arrival of the parts, letting you provide prompt service to your customers at a reasonable price. If you have any questions about the Mitsubishi A/C parts that we carry, you can speak with one of our sales representatives between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM during the week.

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