Buyers may be able to find a good deal on used Mercury vehicles, but they may need some repairs, such as replacing the A/C compressor. If Mercury owners visit your repair facility and are looking for an affordable A/C compressor, they may plan on comparing your prices to those from other repair centers in the area. By purchasing your Mercury A/C compressors from us at, you can offer the best possible prices to your customers.

We offer a range of A/C compressors for Mercury vehicles that you may need to service. From the Mercury Sable to the Mountaineer, you can search our inventory for compatible A/C compressors. You need only know the Mercury model, year, and engine type, and we can show you the A/C parts that we have in stock for the vehicle that you are servicing.

Reliable Information for Mercury A/C Compressor Units

At, we provide detailed information about the Mercury A/C compressor units in our inventory and how to install them. In our FAQ section, you will also find basic information about automotive A/C systems. We also discuss the seals that are used on our units, as well as common causes for clutch and compressor failures.

The information that we maintain on our website regarding our Mercury A/C compressors is often referenced by other sites. In fact, our remanufactured compressors are also sold by other distributors. We are the only remanufacturer of A/C compressors that operates a retail store, and you have the opportunity to purchase parts for your customers at low prices when you order directly from us.

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