When a customer comes to your maintenance shop for replacement of a BMW air conditioning compressor, they don't expect you to have to do the job twice. That's why we give our remanufactured compressors the "once-over" so many times over. We make sure that the rebuilt compressor we sell won't sully the reputation you've worked so hard to build. We back all of our remanufactured products with a solid 12-month warranty in the firm belief that your customer won't need it.

We strenuously test our BMW air conditioning compressors for leaks and vibration, which are tiny signs that something big may go wrong down the road. We test the coil voltage and load resistance to our exacting standards, and if any compressor doesn't make the grade, we don't sell it. It's as simple as that. We even test our rebuilds for noise caused by surface imperfections, which could result in an ongoing annoyance or serious trouble later.

We Test BMW Air Conditioning Compressors for Perfect Scores

We've built our reputation painstakingly over 30 years in the air conditioning business. We won't ship anything from our factory that doesn't befit our industry fame. It's no accident that our BMW compressors perform as perfectly as if they were brand new. We work hard to achieve precise mechanics inside and a perfect finish outside.

View our remanufactured air conditioning compressors for virtually every model of BMW vehicle in our web catalog. There, you'll find any additional parts you might need to finish repairing your car's A/C system. You can trust our quality at DiscountAutoAC-CompressorParts.com.

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