You've just found the top shop in the nation for remanufactured auto A/C wholesale compressors. You'd never know that these workhorses were pre-owned, because we clean, refinish and replace faulty pieces. Then we test, test, and test some more. No compressor leaves our shop without passing leak, vibe and load tests with flying colors.

Why go through a dealership or auto wrecker for new or used A/C compressors and other installation parts? You'll pay a bundle, and you still may end up with a grimy, poorly functioning used compressor. At, you're guaranteed:

  • Low prices on auto A/C parts
  • AC Delco or other brand name quality
  • Rigorous testing on remanufactured compressors
  • Access from wholesalers, direct to commercial distributors and the general public Auto A/C Wholesalers, Testing "Perfect"

Our 12-month warranty says that, as wholesalers, we stand behind our remanufactured products. That's easy for us to do when they ship out straight from our factory, with the highest quality workmanship and components available. Find new or used A/C parts for foreign or domestic autos or trucks, including Jeep/Eagle, Mercedes, Ford, Suzuki, Pontiac, Saab and more. Simply punch in your part number and let our site search engine locate your item, or browse our inventory by make, model and year.

We test our remanufactured compressors and offer you only perfect refits, along with the OEM parts and accessories you need to finish your auto A/C repair job. We're the wholesalers that offer you more. If you don't see exactly what you need on our pages, please just contact us and we'll find it for you.

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